This is a ministry that is a gift from God to equip couples to have lifelong effective communication without just surviving but living abundantly. Thank you for the practical and useful information to move us closer to God. God bless you Richard & Jeanna Lynn!


Heaven on Earth! We want to go there!

And don’t we all?

Welcome to What God Has Joined Ministries website. We want to connect with you in this incredible journey, a journey on which we believe that “when our marriages mirror our relationship with God, we have HOPE for the future and experience Heaven on Earth Today.”

—Richard & JeannaLynn

  • Do you wonder if you married the wrong person?
  • Are you inspired to become the right person? What would that even look like?
  • Are you motivated to do more than hang on?
  • Would you like to experience a marriage and ministry revival?
  • Feeling stuck? Are your driven to get out of life’s rut?
  • Suprised at how difficult marriage can be?
  • Excited about moving from surviving to thriving?
  • Fed up with chaosDetermined to de-clutter your life?
  • Are you letting life happen to you? Ready to pursue the abundant life?

We are a real couple with real passion for real marriages!  Through life coaching (different from marriage counseling) and spiritual direction, we can help you overcome your struggles, achieve your goals, and unite as a team. We are not just about divorce prevention, but if what you need right now is a way to save your marriage, we want to help you.

Life Changing Marriage Experience WGHJIf you are a company or church interested in faith and family based programs, we would love to work with your marriage ministry needs. We can assist you through our Marriage Roadshows (on campus or off campus multi-day events), premarital programs, dynamic classes, and small groups. What would work best in your setting?

We do not hold back because your marriage is worth it! Within our unique approach that focuses on spiritual formation and life coaching, we address the difficult topics including cohabitation, sexuality, divorce prevention, finances, and more.

Don’t wait any longer to make your bad marriage good, your good marriage great, or your great marriage a light for others! Contact us today.

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