Our Vision

We are a marriage mission partnering with others to create whole, healthy, holy homes.

Our Mission

aMAYzing Impact Coaching is a spiritually-focused coaching team making an aMAYzing impact on life, relationships and marriage.

Get to Know aMAYzing Impact Coaching

aMAYzing Impact Coaching is developing a full-service, spiritually focused marriage mission center with international impact by coaching couples, supporting couples in ministry, and providing marriage related resources for churches, universities, organizations, and communities.

We offer affordable coaching to couples.  Specifically, couples compensate aMAYzing Impact Coaching at the level they can afford.  Churches compensate aMAYzing Impact Coaching for service such as retreats, conferences, classes, and consultation at the level they can afford.

Get to Know Us

I love helping people and couples find out what pleases the Lord; and then I love to walk with them as they transform into that Christ-like life. (Ephesians 5:10)


My heart’s desire is to partner with people/couples to help them STOP, EMBRACE their life, DISCOVER their passions, and REFOCUS on LIVING the ABUNDANT LIFE!! (John 10:10)

Fun Facts about us:
  • We got engaged on our first date!
  • We’ve been married since 1986!
  • We have two children:
    • Brad, born in 1989
    • Brittney, born in 1992.
    • They are both students at Oklahoma Christian University
  • We have three pets:
    • Rocky the Golden Retriever,
    • Smokey the Russian Blue.
    • Charlie the 20 lb. black panther
    • They all live inside and thoroughly enjoy each others’ company
  • We live in midwest America, in the Oklahoma City area
Guess What?
  • Richard met JeannaLynn and her sister at the same time and asked her sister out first! Hum!!?
  • JeannaLynn said that she would never marry a preacher.  Well… guess what!!
Ways we are alike:
  • Blonde Hair
  • Born and reared in Mississippi
  • Parents are still married
  • Love horseback riding
  • We prefer mountains and snow over beach and sun
  • Our children have the same parents
  • Oklahoma storms give us goosebumps of excitement
  • We love Jesus!!!
  • We want you to have a great marriage!!!
  • The Shack. Yes!
  • Casting Crowns!
  • Urns not coffins
Ways we are different:
  • Her plan of attack: “Charge!” His plan: “Be careful!”
  • Her: “Get it right even if we sacrifice peace.” Him: “Peace at all costs!”
  • Her: “I finished that yesterday.” Him: “I forgot I was supposed to do that.”
  • Her: Green eyes, Him: Blue eyes.
  • Her: “Get to work!” Him: “It will all work out.”
  • Her: Karen Kingsbury. Him: Philip Yancey
  • Her: Follow my intuition. Him: Follow her intuition.
  • Her: Grocery shop together. Him: Grocery shop alone. Both: Send the kids!
  • Loves him more!! Loves her more!!

Want to know more – we would love to share more and we would love to get to know you, too!!

If you haven’t read our story – check it out – you just might be surprised to know we’ve definitely had issues and problems ….

We hope you leave here knowing that YOUR marriage is important to God and to us! We are extremely passionate about marriage and helping others find their way through problems in what can be a very frustrating, trying relationship! We believe that “When your marriage mirrors your relationship with God that YOU can have HOPE on for tomorrow and begin experiencing Heaven on Earth Today!!”

So, if you are having issues and are out of sync in your marriage, chances are you are out of sync with God and vice versa. We want to help by offering HOPE and SUPPORT.

We are making every effort to be thoroughly equipped for every good work (2 Tim 3:16). We are constantly looking for new learning opportunities, so that while we grow so do you!!

We are both:

We have committed to a partnership with God to serve Him while serving others!