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Communication Phobia?

To ease the fear of our spouse who may have communication phobia, Caryl Krueger offers a list of questions we should ask ourselves in 222 Terrific Tips for Two:

1. Am I so critical that conversation with me isn’t enjoyable?
2. Do I read enough to be an intelligent conversationalist?
3. Am I as pleasant in talking to my spouse as I am to my co-workers or friends?
4. Do I give the impression that the conversation is tedious and I can’t wait to get on to something else – T.V., the kids, work, or sports?
5. Do I have a tendency to talk only about gloom and doom or do I also share some good news and good ideas?
6. Am I learning new things every day that I can share?
7. Do I ask intelligent questions about my spouse’s topic of conversations?  Or, am I only interested in or capable of limited specific conversations?

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