This is a ministry that is a gift from God to equip couples to have lifelong effective communication without just surviving but living abundantly. Thank you for the practical and useful information to move us closer to God. God bless you Richard & Jeanna Lynn!

Couples in Ministry

Tired of wearing the mask?

“I’m the preacher. Who are we supposed to talk to about our marriage struggles?”

“I’m married to the preacher. Who are we supposed to talk to about our marriage struggles?”

Regardless of your position in ministry, you can talk to us. We will not sit quietly while more of our partners in ministry leave their ministries or leave their spouses due to the combined stressors of marriage and ministry. JeannaLynn says, “God loved Jesus so much, he only let him spend three years in ministry.” We get that!

For couples in ministry from the Oklahoma City area, we offer couple-to-couple marriage coaching and consulting. For highly motivated couples in ministry outside of the Oklahoma City area, inside and outside the US, we offer couple-to-couple coaching via conference call.

We know some topics are difficult to talk about, because we’ve been there! But let us help you with difficult topics like intimacy, sexuality, divorce prevention, goal setting (and reaching), purpose clarity, and more through our life and spiritual coaching.

Ladies … please contact JeannaLynn about the opportunity for one on one coaching from someone who understands the unique challenges of being a minister’s wife.

Contact us to set up a free initial coaching/consulting session.

We dream of offering retreats to couples in ministry specifically designed to strengthen marriages. If you could help us achieve that dream, contact us with your idea!