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What is the Marriage Roadshow?




The Roadshow is a Spiritually Focused, Interactive, Positive, Husband and Wife Friendly, Couple Led Marriage Event For Your Church and Community.

About the Roadshow:

All of our Roadshow sessions are couple-to-couples.

All of our sessions have the husbands and wives together. We believe each needs to hear what the other is hearing.

The Marriage Roadshow is husband and wife friendly. We have no rocks to throw.

The principles and recommendations of the Roadshow are Bible-based and ready for immediate application.

The Roadshow sessions are interactive. Everybody sits some, but not the whole time.  We don’t call it a seminar because the Roadshow is so much more!

The Marriage Roadshow has a message for everyone – young or not; married or not; from your church and/or the community.

Marriage Roadshow Values and Focus


Husbands and wives can live according to their Spiritual Nurturing instead of their Human Nature.

There is power in Living from the Inside Out— a focus on the heart first equips us to focus powerfully on issues and skills.

Pursuing Holiness will serve much better than pursing happiness.

Owning your own is much more productive than attempting to change your spouse.


Focusing on our roles rather than our rights is how husbands and wives can truly succeed.

MADD (Marriage Attention Deficit Disorder) plagues many marriages, but there is a cure.

Focusing on your covenant instead of treating your marriage like a contract is real game-changer.

Eating M&Ms – reminding us to have a holy Mindset and the  Maturity to live it out even if you are the only one doing this “in your marriage.”

Sacred Time, Sacred Space and Sacred Sex are must-haves for a strong marriage.


For more information and to set up a Roadshow please contact us:

Phone: 405-203-3950 (R)