This is a ministry that is a gift from God to equip couples to have lifelong effective communication without just surviving but living abundantly. Thank you for the practical and useful information to move us closer to God. God bless you Richard & Jeanna Lynn!

Holiday Plan Questions to Consider

1. What will make the Holiday Season a “10”?

His 10:

Her 10:

To Make “OUR 10” – answer this questions together on paper!

2. What are our holiday traditions that we want to keep?

3. What new traditions do we want to establish?

4. What has worked best in the past for making great holidays?

5. What has not worked in the past for making great holidays?

6. How could we honor other marriages in our family by taking pressure off of them?

7. How can we share our vision with our family and friends?

8. How will we decide which holiday events (family, work, church, community, kids, etc.) to attend? What will staying connected look like?

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