We know what it is to thrive in a covenant marriage. We also know what it is to be in a marriage disaster! We have determined that we are going to do all we can to help couples discover heaven on earth and hope for the future. Many couples want to protect themselves from that roaring lion who seeks to devour them. Other couples want to move from surviving to thriving. Still others are on the edge of catastrophe, just about to divorce. Some will never divorce, but believe that they will never live in joy.

Who would benefit from marriage coaching?  Couples who:

  1. Have a great marriage and want to use their marriage to bring hope into the lives of others.
  2. Have a good marriage and want to move it to the next level.
  3. Are married but wonder – “is this all there is” or “maybe I married the wrong person” or “I deserve more than this.”
  4. Are married, but do not see it as more than a relationship of being roommates, sharing a house, bills, and maybe kids.
  5. Are married but are far from thriving; feelings are very cold and disconnected.
  6. Are married but feel they only have two options – settling to stay married but miserable or getting a divorce.  They don’t know there is a 3rd option!
  7. Are considering marriage and need some spiritual direction.
  8. Are separated or divorced but would consider reconciliation.

For couples from the Oklahoma City area, we offer couple-to-couple coaching and consulting for married couples. We also offer premarital coaching and consulting for pre-married couples in the Oklahoma City area. For highly motivated couples outside of the Oklahoma City area, we offer couple-to-couple coaching via conference call.

You don’t have to be a believer to benefit from aMAYzing Impact Coaching.  We won’t beat you up with a Bible.  We will encourage you to live according to your values.  We will support you as you reach for your marriage goals.  We will recommend powerful principles that will be great for your relationship.  We learned them from Jesus and they will impact your relationship for good – whether or not you profess to follow him.  We care about your marriage regardless of your faith.

Learn the differences between coaching, consulting, and therapy.

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