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Praying for Change

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We’ve read a lot recently from people who are praying for a turn-around in their marriage and are not seeing the results they desire.  Not only are they sad about the continued struggle in the relationship, but they are losing their belief in the power of prayer.

When the positive change you are praying for doesn’t seem to be happening, keep in mind that God’s work might not be absent as much as it might be unseen to you.  God’s work is not always a quick fix. Some of his work has taken years to accomplish.

It’s also true, though, that there are only a few times recorded in the Bible when God manipulated someone’s heart to make them do something that they were not otherwise bent to do.  When what we are praying for demands repentance by somebody else – the spouse you want to see change, for example – the change might not ever happen.  People are changing every day, but not every person changes.

Pray for your spouse to repent. Pray for your marriage to thrive. Be sure, too, that you are praying for God to change you. Changing you will still demand some repentance, but it will be in the life of someone you can actually impact.

Pray without ceasing (1 Thess. 5:17).


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  • This is so true! We have no way to know what we don’t know…what forces may be at work in the lives of those around us that we can’t see or even sense. I know this was the case in my struggles. A year later, what a difference! Was it all due to prayer? I believe some was, but who can say what or how it changed? I only know that allowing myself to believe that the outcome would be right, however it looked, gave me the strength to hold on in the difficult times, and the appreciation to humbly be thankful for the good times. Thank you to both of you for all you do! ~ S

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