This is a ministry that is a gift from God to equip couples to have lifelong effective communication without just surviving but living abundantly. Thank you for the practical and useful information to move us closer to God. God bless you Richard & Jeanna Lynn!

Rewards of Serving Together

From bad to good, good to great, and great to service.
Helping marriages grow up into maturity is one of the goals of WGHJ Ministries.  We emphasize that the most mature marriages are not those in which a husband and wife have great confidence that their marriage will survive and thrive.  We believe the most mature marriages are those in which a husband and wife are so confident about their own marriage, they are able to discover some terrific ways to impact others for good as a couple! Mature marriages shine like stars in the universe!
We are putting together two lists about the rewards of serving in some ministry together.  One will list the rewards for the couple.  The other will list the rewards for those being served.  Here, in the comments, list the rewards a couple can experience by engaging together in some ministry for the Kingdom of God. Tell something about your experience with it if you want to!

For the other list, see “The Rewards of Serving Together – For Others.”

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