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Top 10 Reasons to Take off the Masks

10.  Maintaining the facade is ultimately more draining than actually dealing with your issues.

9.  Often, people who don’t know you are wearing masks don’t care much about you anyway and those who care know you’re wearing the mask.

8.  Mask wearers can’t recognize genuine offers of help.

7.  When you are wearing a mask, you are unaware that the difficulties you are ignoring are increasing in number and growing in size.

6.  Another term for mask wearers?  Hypocrites.  Nobody wants to be one of them.

5.  Wearing masks puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on the wearer.

4.  Wearing masks hides it when you act out of genuine good-will.

3.   Mask wearers rarely feel confident to serve.

2.  Jesus never wore a mask.

1.  Mask wearers don’t lead others (including their children) to holiness; they lead them to be mask wearers.

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